Professional Organizations:

The Alliance for Active Music Making (AAMM)

The mission of AAMM is to promote active music-making approaches in general music teacher education.

American Bandmasters Association (ABA)

The ABA strives to recognize outstanding band conductors and composers throughout the US and encourage excellence in the field.

American Choral Directors Association (ACDA)

The ACDA promotes choral excellence and supports current choral directors around the nation.

American Music Therapy Association (AMTA)

The mission of AMTA is to advance public awareness of the benefits of music therapy and increase access to quality music therapy services in a rapidly changing world.

American Orff Schulwerk Association (AOSA)

The AOSA promotes the use of Orff-Schulwerk method and supports professional development for current teachers in the profession.

American String Teachers Association (ASTA)

The American String Teachers Association is designed to help string and orchestra teachers develop their careers.

Chorus America

Chorus America is an advocate for choirs, choir singers, and conductors throughout the nation.

Dalcroze Society of America (DSA)

The DSA is designed to promote Dalcroze pedagogy and support teachers of this approach.

Early Childhood Music and Movement Association (ECMMA)

The ECMMA is dedicated to unite music and early childhood professionals for the benefit of children.

The Gordon Institute for Music Learning (GIML)

The purpose of the GIML is to advance music understanding through audiation.

International Federation for Choral Music

A branch of the American Choral Directors Association, the International Federation of Choral Music is the home to a social networking sight for choral educators.

International Society for Music Education(ISME)

The ISME identifies the different ways that individuals engage in music worldwide.

Music Teachers National Association (MTNA)

The MTNA was established to provide collaborative and teacher support for music teachers around the nation.

National Federation of Music Clubs

The National Federation for Music Clubs is a philanthropic organization that supports American music, composers, and performers.

National Association for Music Education (NAfME)

The mission of NAfME is to advance music education by encouraging the study and making of music by all.

Organization of American Kodaly Educators (OAKE)

The mission of OAKE is to support music education of the highest quality, promote universal music literacy and lifelong music-making, and preserve the musical heritage of the people of the United States through education, artistic performance, advocacy, and research.

Society for Music Perception and Cognition

A scholarly organization dedicated to the study of music cognition.

Society for Research in Music Education

A branch of NAfME, the Society for Research in Music Education is a professional organization committed to music education-based research.

Suzuki Association of the Americas

The Suzuki Association of the Americas is dedicated to make music available for all children through the Suzuki Method.


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